CPA – Communication Pattern Analysis

only one of it’s kind research paper was published in ‘Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research’, Vol-3, Issue-4, 2017, ISSN: 2454-1362

Communication is influenced by the environment around us. Effective communication is essential in managing the emotional quotient of people, to strike the right notes and achieve results from a win-win standpoint. It is important in building our relationship with people in our surroundings.

Communication pattern analysis is a scientific psychometric tool based on the transactional analysis developed by Eric Berne. It is used to improve communication by understanding how one has developed communication skills. It gives insight into how we relate and communicate with others and acknowledge how each one of us differ in our ways of communication.

This articles talks in details about the CPA (Communication pattern analysis), a psychometric tool, how it helps in analyzing the communication pattern of others, to flex our style accordingly and avoid communication gaps. Thus, using this assessment one can benefit to understand varied communication pattern skills to develop interpersonal relationships which is impacted by upbringing and environmental factors. It helps to utilize our communication, teamwork and build rapport.



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